Work with Refugees

The project built by:


Demiah Noyz

Multi-instrumentist and musician, Demiah is 28 years old artist from France. He joined Nicola in 2015, in the music project Connection Napoli. The wish of sharing his music with other...

Edgar Kanayko

Edgar Corrêa Kanaykõ`s roots are from the indigenous group Xakriabá from Minas Gerais. He is currently doing his Master in Anthropology at the Federal University of Minas Gerais...

Fatima Bint Rassoul Ndiour

Fatima was born on 10 October 1990 in Thies Senegal in 1990 and it is a professional graphic designer. She participated in a variety of projects and competitions in Dakar...

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Jamie Howell

Jamie is an Illustration & Digital animator with skills in moving image editing. Experienced in working with different mediums such as spray...

Julia Dias

Master and Bachelor degree in Theatre at Federal University of Minas Gerais and Bachelor degree in Journalism at PUC Minas. Julia Dias started her studies at 10 year old...

La Negra

La Negra is fearless in her approach and talented in her execution. Naturally gifted in the art of dance. La Negra boldly began her professional ascension by taking her raw ability to...

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“Development, Intervention The purpose of this group is to create a project about and Assessment in a Refugee Camp. Music and Dance as a means of Empowerment”. The idea is to work on a long term period of five years, and operate directly in refugees’ camps (eg. Nepal, Kenya, Libya, Ethiopia, Sahara). The aim of this project is to provide the necessary tools to cope with the hardship and difficulties that come along with fleeing and facing all sorts of atrocities.


We want to promote resilience as well as empowerment, through the universal language of music. Many researches have found that the influence of music has a great impact on cognitive and emotional development, that is why we want to use this resources, to tackle the multiple issues that people in the situation of being a refugee has to face. The project is designed in three stages:

1. Design of the project

During this phase the members of the project will design how the will implement the program, research over the refugee camps where they want to work, look for the necessary resources, professionals/specialists, funding, develop the needed workshops, etc. This stage will last one year/one year and a half.


2. Intervention

During this stage the members of the project will do field work, organizing workshops and activities with the refugees. They will first evaluate the emotional profile and circumstance of the participants: any potential psychological disorders (eg: depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc), lack of coping skills, etc.

The proposed activities will involve music and dance, and will merge the cultures, religions, ethnic groups and backgrounds of the refugees in the different camps. The activities may involve a documentary that could be use to promote similar projects and create awareness. 3 camps will be chosen. 1 year of intervention per camp. Total: 3 years




3. Assessment


3.Assessment. The final stage is the evaluation of the project. How the resources and professionals were distributed, the financial result, as well as the impact created on the camps, and the final outcome from the participants (improvement in their interpersonal skills, coping style, self-esteem, emotional abilities, overcoming of psychological disorders)






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