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The project built by:

Ben I Jah

Ben graduated as an engineer and works as lyricist, singer, and producer. His music and the desire to share it kept him always engaged with a...

Geyda Gurçay

Geyda is a 25 years old artist born in Strasburg. Geyda studied neuropsychology which is a subject she always loved. She started to sing when she was 14 years old with her brothers who ...

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Kiera-Lorelle Rhomes

Born in Tottenham, Kiera is a Soul and R&B singer with a unique and entertaining style currently residing in Streatham, London. From an early age Kiera has been singing at...

Johnny Procaci

Johnny is 23 years old, lives in Strasbourg and it’s a professional video maker and boxer (kickboxing, Thai boxing). Johnny joined Nicola in September 2013. At that moment he was a rapper... 

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The project created by this group is a kind of social experiment which could be used during any initiative with people from different countries. The starting point is the concept that through the arts, we can go over the barriers built by different languages and involve anyway people from all over the world in many activities.


The volunteers show how the language is not essential for people to learn or to understand each other, but there are other communication forms which are universal and common to all the human beings. They are, for example, the live arts like music and dance. The group organise, as a demonstration, a festival map in which people with different skills have their own position. They don’t speak, but when the audience come to interact with them they do directions and people are able to copy them. This scheme is very useful in any kind of international project in which workshops need to involve people speaking different languages and learn anyway from the others enriching their personal knowledge. The final object of the group is to create a list of the more useful activities which can be used in this kind of projects and, after each experience, collect the results and the advantages obtained through this new method.