Camille Aguilar

Camille’s studies focused on cultural projects and in 2015 she decided to join NICOLA’s artistic initiatives. She lived in London for six months working for Nicola where was actively...

Demiah Noyz

Multi-instrumentist and musician, Demiah is 28 years old artist from France. He joined Nicola in 2015, in the music project Connection Napoli. The wish of sharing his music with other...

Elena Hurstel

Choral music has been a passion for Elena ever since she's 6 and sang for the first time on stage.At the age of 7, she entered the conservatory of Strasbourg and learned the harp.She also took...

Geyda Gurçay

Geyda is a 25 years old artist born in Strasburg. Geyda studied neuropsychology which is a subject she always loved. She started to sing when she was 14 years old with her brothers who ...

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Jamel Kenadil

My name is Jamel Kenadil, I’m 26 years old and I’m new at experimenting with the world of theatre and performance art. I am very proud to be part of this project and I’m looking forward to every ...

Johnny Procaci

Johnny is 23 years old, lives in Strasbourg and it’s a professional video maker and boxer (kickboxing, Thai boxing). Johnny joined Nicola in September 2013. At that moment he was a rapper... 

Mélanie Defforge

Mélanie was looking for her way so she started to travel by herself. She really likes meeting
people, learn about how people live. She discovered different ways to travel and little by little she...

Tony Kohhiba

After 20 year of participating in various youth community and European cultural actions, in 2011 Tony has deicded to setup NICOLA France.As one of the founders...

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