Comune di Palma Campani

Comune di Palma Campani Via Municipio, 74, 80036 Palma Campania NA Palma Campania, known until 1863 as Palma di Nola, is a Municipality in the Metropolitan City of Naples in the Italian region Campania, located about 25 km east of Naples. Archaeological evidence indicates human habitation of the area in the early Bronze Age, but the foundation of the town is more recent. It has been suggested that Palma was founded in the sixth century by people taking refuge from the eruptions of Mount Vesuviu

Antares Onlus

The philosophy of our mission is to help our youngesters in becoming active protagonists by promoting processes of autonomy, independence and European Citizenship. Since our foundation we organise international projects such as training courses, European youth exchange to promote experiential activities for young people with and without disabilities.

INNOVA Europe Association

The NGO InnovaEurope Association is supported by a group of friends, colleagues and dreamers created the last year. It is a new Association, founded by people with a long experience and actives at local, national and international level, taking part to different Programmes promoted and financed by the EU - especially within the “Youth in Action Programme” and now Erasmus Plus.


Farhat Hached Institute for Research and Democracy (FHIRD) is an independent non-profit international Tunisian NGO based in Tunis. It is an academic body of research that works at the both national and international levels in fields such as research, training, consultancy in issues of media, democracy and politics as well as democratic changes. In order to reach our goals, we are willing to work with different research and scientific bodies, governmental and non-governmental organizations.


L'Association de Volontariats, echange culturel et action des jeunes is a cultural non governmental organization whose objectives are : - To contribute to the building of a cultural bridge between Tunisian youth and Euro-Mediterranean youth for exchange of knowledge, experiences and access to other cultures. - To contribute to the expanding of principles and values of democracy. + to strengthen the relationships between Tunisian and Euro-Mediterranean youth + to establish youth exchange.


SEDARVP GHANA stand for Social Education development and Rural Volunteers program. The Organization was founded in 2008 and obtains its Social welfare Status as a nonprofit organization on Feb 2018. As an organization, we run all our activities and projects through the support of both local and International volunteers. SEDARVP-Ghana mission is to empower youngsters through quality education, social justice and civic education, tackle environmental challenges through volunteerism.


Being a cultural association, we focus on cultural events; we have clubs that are specialized in different types of arts (music, theater, audiovisual arts, graphic arts,). We work mainly with young people and we conduct projects in the field of non-formal education for sustainable development and cultural heritage, intercultural education and active citizenship.


Association of youth work camps " Association des Chantiers de Jeunesse (ACJ) was founded in 1967. It is a national, non-governmental and non-profit association organization that organises volunteering work camps. It's principal activities are mainly centered around topics such as working with young people having difficulties at school, the installation of cultural and educational programs, voluntary work to support urban and rural development.


Mediterranean Forum For Social development (MFD) is an organization involved in enhancing youth development in the areas of Democracy and Good Governance, Sustainability, Active Citizenship, Culture, Creativity, Education, Employment, Social Entrepreneurship, Health, Environment and Wellbeing Leadership Training, Youth Business, Long and Short term volunteer Placements among other programs. MFD works to increase the youth active participation in the development process.


We are a Turkish Governmental Foundation as charity based dealing with social aid system working with young people, adults, disadvantage groups, disabled people, needy people, Roma people and homeless people with non formal methods to support their complex needs and support there. We are working with different drama methods; forum theatre, creative arts including dance, project management, advocacy and strategy development.


Antalya Turkuaz Youth and Sport Club Assocıatıon ıs recruıtıng team and takıng part ın Youth Exchange projects alla round Europe sınce 2014 we also take part to traınıg course. The objective of our activities is to give chance to the youth with fewer opportunities such as dysfunctional families, with economical and health problems or touched by unemployment problem. We want to show them, that still there are enough opportunities to build good future.


The Provincial Directorate of Education of Eskisehir is responsible for planning, programming, performing, inspecting and coordinating the training activities at schools. It establishes a network of national and international resources to support lifelong learning. The number of teachers working in our institution is 7.200 and the number of school is 372.There are EU Projects running on with the consultancy of our Office in the Directorate of Education of our city and such as Science and Society


Ahmet Mecbur Efendi Bilim Sanat Merkezi is a newly established institution which serves gifted students having special study needs . As the institution is a kind of special one, it has its own regulations and curriculum system. The courses are designed to support students’ ability to create and run projects. The staff work only to guide the students during their projects.


Vrenza is a youth association founded in teo in 1992. It was born as a direct result of the needs & desires of a group of youngsters who felt the need to express their needs of cultural knowledge of the different cultures which form part of the European community. Other objectives arose, centred above all, in the cultural knowledge of our country, as well as other subjects which are of interest to young people.

Xunta de Galicia

The youth and voluntary work department is the responsible to plan, to coordinate and to realize the youth policies in the galician community. Specialized technical staff orientate, report and advise to the young people in Galicia. They programme and develop general and proper activities of the youth and voluntary work in the whole region. By means of our twelve “Youth Houses” we develop regional activities to the youth, specifically designed according to their interests.


JOY is a non profit youth organization founded in 2002 by a large number of university students. The aims of the organization are in connection with the empowerment of the youngsters in Galicia: -Promoting a new way of thinking – smart thinking: studying new possibilities of energy -Empowering entrepreneurship amongst youngsters by providing good and bad practices -Stablishing a liberal way of thinking where liberty and freedom are among every single situation

Asociación Sociocultural Luenda

We are a 10 year old asociation, that realize out activity in the field of the social and cultural activities. Our asociation are formed by youngs beetwen the 15 30 years old. We are from a SAntaigo de Compostela neighborhood and in our activities are seminar, camps, workshop…. All in the way to show to the young people a way far away the drugs and criminal tendency. Withing the last years years we have become more involed in European projects. Bot h sending participants and promoting activitie


MUXEMA was born in 2002 as the result of the needs of different rural youngsters to participate actively into the society. Firstly promoting activities at a local level and later by submitting international projects to the European Comission. For almost 5 years, the entity, composted entirely by youngsters aged from 14-29 years old, was developping youth exchanges and seminars both in Europe and Latin America.


Embaixada Cultural is a cultural organization dedicated on empowering artists and cultural activists from the Global South through art and educational exchange projects and trainings. Our actions also involve artist residences, management and consultancy of local artists. It is formed by a network of people, activists and artists dedicated in cultural activism and diplomacy.


The Blaise Senghor Regional Cultural Center is in charge of the implementation of the cultural policy of the State on the territory of the region of Dakar. It was created in 1972 and is located in the heart of the Capital. It polarises neighbourhoods with a high population density and very important schools and universities. The Blaise Senghor Regional Cultural Center is composed of two centers of interest materialized by closed and open spaces.




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