The Project

ARTS WITHOUT BORDERS. “Building Bridges" is an artistic, educational, multi dimensional, transnational project coordinated by NICOLA (New International Company of Live Arts) in partnership with NICOLA (France), Projeto Presente (Brazil) and Ministère de la Culture et la Communication (Senegal). It is aimed at youths within the field of arts and digital literacy. The project pursues to have an impact not only for youngsters but also their communities giving them the opportunity to learn about arts, media and digital literacy. The training provided through the project is focused on the use of digital tools, transnational networking and the creation of open access materials (OER).

The topics to be addressed are freedom of speech, civil society engagement, human rights, tolerance within different cultures and personal development through arts as key features. As its names suggests, the main focus of this project is to overcome borders, not only geographical ones, but also socioeconomic, ethnic and cultural ones, mixing arts and digital tools/resources. We pursue to enhance the relations between South-North in the field, creating positive synergies and effective and lasting cooperation beyond the project.

Once the materials are developed they will be gathered in an online platform, where learning, communicating and spreading experiences will have their place. This online platform which will be created by the end of the first youth workers mobility will have in its content multimedia materials (elearning), audiovisual products videos and photographies documenting the youth experiences within the project as well as the creations and productions made by the same youngsters. The virtual mobility will keep on working during the whole project, and according to our planning, it will continue after the project is finished.

Topics addressed by the materials are related to enterpreunership: creativity, enterpreunerial spirit, ideas work, business plan. They will be related to other competences as team work, leadership, communication both verbal and non verbal, social media, networking etc. Methodology will vary, including video tutorials, interviews, reports from experts, all related to arts and enterpreunership.




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