The project built by:

Camille Aguilar

Camille’s studies focused on cultural projects and in 2015 she decided to join NICOLA’s artistic initiatives. She lived in London for six months working for Nicola where was actively...


D-Tiger of his real name Cheikh Hamalah Diawara is a Singer and Producer. Despite his young age he is the founder (CEO) of the Music and Video Label called...

Elena Hurstel

Choral music has been a passion for Elena ever since she's 6 and sang for the first time on stage.At the age of 7, she entered the conservatory of Strasbourg and learned the harp.She also took...

Guillermo Ventura

Guilherme is a composer, singer, multi-instrumentalist and a painter. He released his first album called “DoisLados” in 2017. He is actively involved...

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Lorena Anastácio

Lorena Anastácio is a story-teller, singer and art teacher. She holds a Master's degree in Education and Human Formation from the Federal University of Minas Gerais and she is a teacher at the Indigenous Knowledge...

Ndeye Aminata Camara

Amina was born in 14th October 1994 in Dakar. Since 2013 Amina has worked as Marketing and PR professional with the association of KaayFecc...

Mélanie Defforge

Mélanie was looking for her way so she started to travel by herself. She really likes meeting people, learn about how people live. She discovered different ways to travel and little...


Zenina was born on 2nd of July in the suburbs of Thiaroye. Zeinixx by her artistic nickname is an artist who made her debut in the visual arts in...

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The project of this group develops from the idea to create an International Artist Agency. The purpose is to create an organization which totally works for the artists, producing and promoting them so that the art could become their job. In particular the initiative would be useful to help all those people who don’t have the means to start their artistic career and they need to choose a formal job they don’t like.


This kind of project has the object to produce artists, at the beginning, at a local and national level, and then to promote them also abroad in a networking where they could enrich their knowledge and their artistic skills. An example may be the story of a girl who has the dream of being a singer, but who hasn’t got the money and the possibility to do it. The solution comes when she finds a producer available to help her and travel in Brazil where she has the opportunity to work in the music industry and build her own success. The final purpose of the group is to create a network as much functional and large as possible around their Artist Agency and to consolidate its reputation not only through the quality of its artists, but also by setting high standards of technical output and innovation.




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