The project built by:


Lauriza Anastácio

Lauriza Anastácio is currently studying violoncello at the Federal University of Minas Gerais and is fist violoncello at the University's Symphonic Orchestra... 

Poliana Oliveira

Poliana comes from a traditional circus family and has experience in cultural production and dance. Some of her performances dance are inspired by Augusto Boal`s...

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Baidy Ba

Born in the region of Kaolack this young Senegalese dancer began his career at a very young age. Like every other dancer, he began his...

DJ Zeyna

Dj Zeyna, it is a young artist born on the 24th of April in the region of Diourbel (center of Senegal). Like most of the young Senegalese living in the...

Jess Montague

Jess is a dancer that specialises in commercial street dance. She has been dancing since the age of 9, competing in a number of competitions and performing in a wide range...

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The idea of this group is based on the creation of the Senegalese “Ndiakhass Arts Festival”. The purpose is to organize a week long music, dance, graffiti and theatre festival where people coming from all around the world, can find a residency and have the possibility to perform, to meet other artists with the same passion and to learn about new ways to do art.


Throughout the week the participants are involved in many workshops in which they share their personal experiences and create their own performances. The volunteers also hold other kinds of events like, for example, dance battles to allow the performers to show off their different styles and to obtain a clearer comparison between them. At the end of the week, a final show is organised in the big theatre, where all the artists can use the stage to share and promote their best art form to the audience. This project’s object is to create the opportunity to have different kinds of live art, performed by different people with their own styles, all in the same week and in only one place. Moreover, a festival like this gives the possibility to everyone to perform, also to not professional artists who want to challenge themselves and show their capacities to the others but usually don’t have the means to do it. At the end of the festival the group will collect all the footage realized to document the work and use it to promote future similar projects also in other countries.




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