ARTS WITHOUT BORDERS. “Building Bridges" is an artistic, educational, multi dimensional, transnational project coordinated by NICOLA (New International Company of Live Arts) in partnership with NICOLA (France), Projeto Presente (Brazil) and Ministère de la Culture et la Communication (Senegal). It is aimed at youths within the field of arts and digital literacy. The project pursues to have an impact not only for youngsters but also their communities giving them the opportunity to learn about arts, media and digital literacy. The training provided through the project is focused on the use of digital tools, transnational networking and the creation of open access materials (OER).





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Guilhermo De Castro Peluci Brazilian Youth Worker and Young person


First of all I would like to thank you for the opportunity of participating in this program as a representative as a representative of Embaixada Cultural, supporter of Projeto Presente.


I believe that this project affected directly and indirectly the life of many people in Brazil, giving to some of them the lifetime opportunity of exchanging great knowledge and to have enlightening experiences. Also I believe that many organizations were inspired to create new networks along the world and create other projects like this one.  Through this, other ideas and projects will be born, and I'm happy we will collaborate again on a follow up project.


The production of OERs were an interesting laboratory and I believe that it can be developed to a greater use. For sure, this content created will be available for now and future research, in a cumulative state it can always be improved. I'm happy that although facing some cultural challenges, we could learn from each other and achieve a final state of gratitude and the feeling of knowledge acquired.